Placement drive #A2Z challenge

This is the day which every student eagerly waits for. Everyone wants to get placed in the top company with a very good package. Before placements started in our college, we were given training on aptitude, a syllabus from the beginning was brushed up and we were guided on our presentation skills. On the day of placements, everyone dress in their best formals and reach college with the hopes of grabbing a job. There is nervousness in every student yet there will be excitement that very soon everyone will be independent. The thought of earning my own money and becoming independent always made me feel like grabbing a job as early as possible. But getting an offer letter was not as easy as I thought. I had faced my own roller coaster ride. Attended interviews of few companies that came to the college. Got rejected by some and I did not accept a offer letter of some for my own reasons. And finally, I realized the happiness of finding a right job when I got placed in my dream company with …

Network #A2Z college

College plays a very important role in building our network and making our network strong. Having a strong connection with other students of a college and other colleges are very important so as to learn various things. It also plays a very important role during interviews. If there are any inter college fest organised, we make friends with many students coming from different colleges. They in turn invite us for their colleges during any event. With this, we build our confidence and do not hesitate to take part in various activities.

When a fest was organised in our college, I took part in paper presentation. I got an opportunity to make many good friends from other colleges. Through those friends, I got to know about various others events organised in different parts of our state and was also invited to their college. I happily took part. I could see my confidence and presentation skills getting improved. With this new friends our network started building and we made more and more fr…

Library #A2Z challenge

For me library was all about books, books and only books until when I realized it was something more than that. We used library just to escape from our professors and hid there. A girl and a boy would use library to see each other. It was more of silent fun and sign languages than reading. We used library for some serious studies only during exams. The set up in the library, the silence maintained there would always make me feel very drowsy. But the best use I made from library was using text books. We borrowed text books from there and renewed it timely after the last date and saved some money given to buy the books. And there are times we were fined for not returning the book on time and the way we escaped from giving them any fine. Library was like a peaceful and silent adda for many students.

Kingdom of knowledge #A2Z challenge

Amidst all the fun and craziness in the college life, what every student earn is knowledge. Knowledge that is carried throughout one's life. Knowledge about subject, knowledge about various other aspects and there is nothing wrong in calling college as a kingdom of knowledge.Being in college, one learns how to communicate in a better way, how to present things in a interesting way, how to be a responsible person. Of course, all these knowledge is gained from childhood, no doubt, but being in college we get more exposure and the circle increases and so does the opportunities.
Knowledge is not just being strong technically but how to efficiently use it which is groomed in a college. We are guided on a career path that is best and running in the industry. We are helped and taught which career best suits us based on our interest and we are guided accordingly. Without all these, it would be difficult for anyone to chose a right path.

Juniors #A2Z challenge

It was a treat for seniors when they spot juniors in the campus. Seniors always demanded to be treated like god and these juniors followed all that was instructed obediently. When freshers entered the college, a fresher party would be organised were every junior was made to do things that were demanded. There was no opposition either. Ragging was a part of junior-senior relationship. Even in the hostel, as I entered as a junior we were supposed to have food only after seniors, watch tv only if no seniors were watching. We were given to write notes or assignments from our seniors that had to be completed by them and we could not deny that but we made sure to scribble it in such a way that nobody understood what was written.They were many rules made by seniors. Amidst all these, there was also a very good bonding between us. We were guided on studies, assignments, projects. We could sense their affection and love and all that teasing part was just fun which gradually everyone started en…

Internals #A2Z challenge

Internals were the next thing next to exams that troubled students a lot, in fact, every month. Students trying hard to get average marks was a big deal that time. I remember we had something called blue books in which we were supposed to give our tests and the same book would be used every month. Some of our classmates who stayed in hostel would leave the book empty and then at night they would collect the books from a attender and fill in the answers. Of course, they bribed the attender the same and I know this was not right what they were doing but there was no way to stop it either. Looking the syllabus and portion and analysing what to study and what to skip became a routine during internals. Here, students did not attempt to score high marks but just the average because most of them were confident of getting good marks in the external exams. Everyone sat in groups and discussed what would be important topic and just read that. We tried to analyse how the professor is and how he …

Hostel life #A2Z challenge

Staying in a hostel has helped me in many ways. I have learnt so many things. I still remember the day when my mom dropped me to the hostel for the first time and left the place. I wept uncontrollably. That was the first time I was staying away from my parents and being attached to my dad I did not know how I will survive without him. I was scared if I will make any good friends there and if there will be people to take care of me. But, as time passed I made some good friends and trust me they were like a family away from family. During the days when I fell sick, my friends took care of me with utmost care and never made me feel homesick. Anyone who have stayed in hostel can always connect to how wonderful that life is. Maggie and bread always come as a rescue when you don't want to have the hostel food. Being in a hostel has made me a strong independent woman. I have learnt to organise things in a better way, I have learnt to manage financial matters efficiently. I have learnt th…